Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Frozen north to cooking south

Thanks to our great friend Chris, we made it to the Vancouver International Airport on time, at 5:15am, on Dec. 16, on perhaps the coldest morning of the year.

Virginia didn’t even put her head on the pillow the night before and and to make matters worse woke at 3am the night before that to make a last minute trip to Seattle, which is a story in itself, but for another day.

Needless to say, by the time we hit our destination, Peru, V was a zombie, but one in full possesion of her vocal skills, as she chatted with our first hosts, her friends Magda and Gustavo, who are two of this world’s most wonderful people.

Gustavo and his mom Magda run a tae kwan do academy. Gustavo is a Peruvian champion, having won many awards, and Magda helps run the office. Gustavo also has a young and budding travel agency. Perfect hands to be in for the start of our adventure!

Magda and Gustavo are taking care of us for the next couple days as we arrange our travel to our next destination, Juliaca, a city near the famous lago (lake) Titicaca in southern Peru.

Our flight lifted off from Vancouver on time at 7:15am. We had a stop over in LA, and arrived in Lima, Peru, just after midnight, local time.

I’m happy to report to everyone freezing back home in Canada, the temprature in Lima is closer to 30C, and I’m working up a sweat just typing this.

I’ve gotta get going for now, so let me end by saying, “I wish you were here.”

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N. Yvonne said...

just btw: Magda and Gustavo arent Vickys "friends", but Aunt and Cousin!!!! Magda is the daugther of the sister of Virginias Grandmother! bizzar? maybe! But she is so close to the close family (that is, virginias grandmother, mother and uncle!) that she very much deserves the title of "aunt" rather than friend. same thing goes for Gustavito as well...
anyway, keep those blogs coming, its so great to know that you are enjoying your trip! :-)