Friday, January 2, 2009

Photos from around La Paz

Virginia stands in a colourful market street in La Paz.
Stephe ordered an espresso with a coca elixir during a visit to the Museo de Coca. A bowl of coca leaves sits on display next to the cup.
Stephe eats a salteña, which is one of Bolivia's tastiest treats. The little meat pastry is so inexpensive and widely available that it put Macdonalds out of business in Bolivia. A moment after this photo was taken, Stephe took an unskilled bite and a stream of hot salteña juice shot out of the pastry and up his nose.
Mud-brick huts like this one in the Moon Valley are common on the high plains of Bolivia where trees and wood are scarce.
One of Bolivia's indigenous woman, wearing a typical dress and bowler hat, steps in front of a parked bus.
Stephe stands amidst the hoodoos in Moon Valley.
Virginia sits on a bench in the La Paz bus station. V and Stephe are about to make their way to Cochabamba.
Bolivian president Evo Morales makes a lofty claim that Bolivia is a country free of illiteracy.
Buses line the street in El Alto as passengers and cargo are brought aboard.
Virginia and Stephe smile for the camera onboard their bus to Cochabamba.

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