Sunday, December 14, 2008

Greetings, earthlings

Welcome to our travel log!

We haven't left Vancouver yet, but we'll fly to Lima, Peru, in just a couple days.

Please come back often to join us on our trip; we promise to make it interesting.

You can expect regular updates about our adventures and thoughts as we travel from Vancouver, Canada, to and through South America's Peru and Bolivia.

We hope to post at least a photo and a couple paragraphs each day, documenting our experience. The actual frequency of our posts will depend on the availability of an Internet connection.

We'll be using a digital SLR camera, a HD video camcorder, a digital voice recorder if an interesting interview presents itself and a GPS tracker that will pinpoint our location on Google Maps. However, we aren't able to process video footage on the go, so you can expect to see footage only once we've gotten back to Vancouver.

Some of our plans include exploring the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru, and the salt desert and jungle of Bolivia, all while visiting with Virginia's family and friends at different points along the way. Virginia lived in Bolivia for six years when she was a teenager.

Thank you for visiting us here on the web, and we hope you enojy your time with us!


Ferone said...

Well of course it would Mom first to leave a message!!

Have the most wonderful holiday and enjoy your family and please wish them all and yourselves a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New year and come home with great pictures.

Love you both,

Love Mom and Danny xxxxxoooo

Anonymous said...

hope you have a wonderful journey

irondog said...

Best to you on your travels and thank you for sharing with us. We have planned a journey through South America too though not for a few years. Looking forward to your chronicled adventures.

mom said...

Looks good. We know it works. Talk later

love mom xx

mom said...

i know we will hear more about a lot of incidents and of the terrible flood. What a Xmas day to remember!
With the tracker, it is good to see where you are heading and I can see things of interest around the area. Little links, pictures and videos etc. When you come home you might have to send a few things to V's family and your new family in regard to the computors. Well keep writing when you have time. I loved your phone call. Give V a hug. I am looking forward to more stories. luv you, xo Happy New Year and hopefully you will not get anymore headaches. Carry an aspirin at all times too!!!