Friday, January 2, 2009

Family in Cochabamba

With our arrival in Cochabamba, Virginia's family came over for dinner to Abuelita's (grandma's) house, our home for the next two weeks. They were facinated with our mini laptop on which V presented a slide show. Left to right: Uncle Roberto (the brother of V's mom), cousin Robertito, Virginia, cousin Adrianita, and aunt Rosemarie.
Virginia admires Abuelita's handy work. Abuelita sews or knits almost all of her own clothing.
Christmas Eve saw about 25 family show up to Virgina's aunt and uncle's home, where she's seen sitting infront of the Christmas tree with Robertito and Adrianita.
Abuelita talks with Tia (aunt) Dora and Virginia on Christmas Eve.
The family climbs the roof of Rosemary's sister's home for a view of Cochabamba.
Virginia learns a recipie from Abuelita for a special corn wrap.

Stephe gets dental work done from cousin Katya, otherwise known as Dr. Mendizábal. Stephe had 13 fillings removed and replaced because his Canadian dentist used a material including poisonous mercury. Stephe also had a mouth guard made to prevent him from grinding his teeth. This took five visits and cost about $400.

Virginia shops at the vegitable market with Abuelita.

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